Only 34% of Catholics believed that they had personal responsibility to share their faith

What a blast detailIn an interesting study of the theory and practice of evangelization by the Barna Group has reported that although 73% of born again Christians believe they have personal responsibility for their faith only 52% said they actually did share the Gospel at least once this past year to someone with different beliefs.  There is an obvious gap between theory and practice or between their notional values and their actual values in practice.  Regarding the belief that one has personal responsibility to tell others about their faith 100 % of Evangelicals and 71% of non-mainline Protestants responded affirmatively.  Sadly only 34% of Catholics believed that they had personal responsibility to share their faith with others who do not share their faith.

An interesting positive trend was observed when the data was analyzed by generation.   There has been a significant decline in evangelization among the born again Boomers and Busters involved in evangelization in the past fifteen years. Most recently elders, boomers and busters showed a further slight decline between 2010 and 2013, while evangelization among the Millennial generation has risen 9 %.  The researchers note: “While the evangelistic practices of all other generations have either declined or remained static in the past few years, Millennials are the only generation among whom evangelism is significantly on the rise. Their faith-sharing practices have escalated from 56% in 2010 to 65% in 2013.”


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