Chosen: A New Resource for Youth Evangelization

Chosen_DVD_3dAscension Press has just released a new Confirmation resource authored by Chris Stefanick and Ron Bolster.  I was able to review the all the components of the program: 8 DVD Set, Student Workbook, Leader’s Guide, Sponsor’s Guide, and Parent’s Guide.  I was especially impressed with 8 DVDs with 24 video segments by an impressive array of presenters.   The program is designed to be scheduled over either a one-year plan or a two-year plan.

In my opinion the approach is an excellent blend of fun, youth oriented materials with genuine faith content.   The program begins with 2 lessons aimed at pre-evangelization and then 4 more lessons focused directly on evangelization on the basic gospel message.  Following the RCIA model the program moves on to the catechumenate with 10 lessons of formation followed by a period of purification and enlightenment as the final phase of more intense, interior formation in preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation and a life of discipleship (Lessons 18-24).  While this is a fantastic stand-alone Confirmation program, the materials could also be used as a youth evangelization program or as a structure to promote intentional discipleship among youth in a parish youth group.  The program could also be used for RCIC with teens entering the church through an RCIA program, or just as a supplemental resource for youth retreats.

Available January 2014


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