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The Stages of Discipleship

The approach taken to evangelization in the past few decades has been to try to repair peoples faith with knowledge. On the theory that the disease is ignorance, we have tried to give people the vaccine of truth. Now let’s be clear, many people would admit that they don’t know much about their faith, but […]

Bono on Christianity’s Defining Moment

Bono (from the band U2): “That is the defining question of what Christianity is about… Either he is the Son of God… or he was nuts.” Many people today want to say that Jesus was just a good man but if a “good man” claims to be the Son of God and he is not […]

Pastoral Councils in relation to the New Evangelizaton

Based on Pope Francis’ latest remarks (VIS):24-03-2014 – Year XXII – Num. 55 I wonder what the role of ‘Pastoral Councils’ could be in relation to the New Evangelizaton? My parish has started a “Welcome Home” committee that is planning evangelization activities for the parish. Interestingly some of the active members of the committee are […]

Why I Believe the Bible is True

Recently we heard the news that a new manuscript of the Gospel of Mark has been discovered that may well be dated in the first century!  One of my former professors, Dr. Craig A. Evans notes; If authenticity and early date are confirmed, this fragment of the Gospel of Mark could be very significant and show how well […]

Why do Catholics have a Bigger Bible?

I once had a conversation with a Protestant friend where I was asked, “Why did you Catholics add all those extra books to the Bible?”  To be honest I wasn’t sure how to respond without hurting his feelings because his question displayed a breathtaking ignorance of history.  The Catholic Bible was the standard for 1500 […]

The Social Dimension of Evangelization: EG Review (part III)

Pope Francis opens the final section of his exhortation by steering between two false extremes.  Earlier he noted that, “there can be no true evangelization without the explicit proclamation of Jesus as Lord” (EG 110) and now he emphasizes that the first proclamation of the Gospel has immediate moral implications which are centered on charity […]

Only 34% of Catholics believed that they had personal responsibility to share their faith

In an interesting study of the theory and practice of evangelization by the Barna Group has reported that although 73% of born again Christians believe they have personal responsibility for their faith only 52% said they actually did share the Gospel at least once this past year to someone with different beliefs.  There is an […]